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Welcome to the
Fleckney Walking Club

The Fleckney Walking Club has been going steady for over 30 years.

We are a very friendly bunch of rambling ramblers who don't mind the odd "adventure" when the map is wrong!

Get your boots on!

We meet for walks every other Sunday, and for evening walks on Thursdays in the summer months.

Contact us.

Join us at the Scout Hut Car Park, High Street, Fleckney at 9:30am every other Sunday.


Take a look at the Programme page for full details of forthcoming walks.

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Thursday Walks

Join us on a Thursday evening during the Summer at 7:00 pm – you never know what you will see!

This year they take place from 2nd May to 18th July.

NEW - Yearly Archives of Walks

We have journeyed countless miles over the years, fueled by the thrill of each new adventure. Our simplified main menu makes it easy to find walks from any specific year, making the process of delving into our archive of past expeditions an absolute breeze. Relive the excitement of every step and know that there is no limit to what you can achieve. Whether you’re a seasoned walker or a curious explorer, our pages are here to help you craft your next great adventure. So don’t hesitate, seize the day and let us guide you towards endless walk possibilities!

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Laughton by John

Laughton by John

3rd March 2024. Leicestershire Round from Fleckney to Saddingtont then over Smeeton Gorse – yes that big hill! Continue along the Round all the way to Gumley, then pathways to Laughton. Rest, eat, return along paths, bridleways, and road.
Enderby and Narborough

Enderby and Narborough

4th February 2024. Walk around some of the lesser known parts of Enderby and Narborough with a pleasant walk along a disused railway.

A new set of links have been added to the main menu. The links will take you to yearly archive pages where you can find details of many of the walks we have covered for that year.

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Some of our previous events

Dave brought the pub

Wot? No Pub? Cheers anyway!

We always try to find a watering hole on our walks but on one occasion we failed. So Dave brought along his own beer complete with glass!

Monsal Head; Derbyshire.

Monsal Dale is a very beautiful valley in the Peak District of Derbyshire in England


This is the view of the valley from the Scarsdale Reservoir.

Martello Tower; Hollelsey, Suffolk

On one of our away walks we came across this Martello Tower near Hollesley, Suffolk.

The Originals

Our intrepid walkers back in the days of no colour photography - or a wrong setting on the camera!

Christmas meal 2018.

As you can see, we all enjoyed a great Christmas Meal at The Golden Shield in Fleckney.

Some of our previous walks

Wonderful walks on the England/Wales border around the Wye Valley with a number of interesting locations (and pubs).
A nice circular walk along the canal to Foxton and back through Gumley (pub stop) and across the fields back to Fleckney.
There are five Langtons near Market Harborough, to the southeast of Leicester; Church, Thorpe, East, West and Tur Langton.

Contact Us

Get in touch

If you would like to join our merry band, or have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

Find us at the office

Scout Hut Car Park, 9:30am every other Sunday.

Email us

or contact
Janet Earwaker by phone: 0116 240 2993 or email: janearwaker@yahoo.co.uk

Fleckney Walking Club

A “Typical” Sunday

We meet in the car park at half past nine,
Whatever the weather, we’re all on time,
If you don’t drive someone will share,
A seat in their car for minimal fare.

We park in a lay-by, or suitable place,
Time to get ready and boots to lace.
We’re usually given a map for the day,
With the obligatory pub-stop marked on the way.

The distance is around eight or ten miles,
Across fields, through woods, over bridges and stiles.
After a couple of hours we stop for a break,
For coffee and biscuits and pieces of cake.

On to the pub for about twelve-thirty,
We take off our boots so the carpet’s not dirty.
A couple of drinks and a chance for a rest,
Some food, or maybe local brews to test.

We can get mislaid if the way is not clear,
Not ‘cause the leader has had too much beer!
It doesn’t matter, we always find a way,
And a little adventure adds spice to the day.

There’s always plenty of good conversation,
The meaning of life or the state of the nation!
It’s a pleasure to explore this countryside of ours,
And observe the things we don’t see from our cars.

It’s a rewarding time to spend part of your weekend,
Getting fresh air, exercise and meeting new friends.
You’ve nothing to lose by joining our club,
Just a few pounds which can only be good.

Deborah Martin