Recce, recky, reckie, or recon. However you say it, reconnaissance is not without it’s dangers.

Dave and Rita were nearly squashed by this falling tree whilst we were sorting out the route for the Ashley walk.

So, please take care when you’re out walking and if you’re on your own let someone with a chainsaw know where you’re going!

6 May 2021

First Thursday Walk

This walk is just over 4 miles.

From the car park head towards the duck pond and turn left to go up Kibworth Road. Turn into Wentworth Road, cross Manor Road and bear left into Sawbrook.

Bear right at the end of Sawbrook and pick up the footpath that leads behind the factories. Turn left onto the footpath that leads away from the main (Fleckney) road and head towards Saddington Tunnel.

Cross the field and join the path from Millenium Wood. Turn right along this path and cross Kibworth Road and onto Mill Lane.

After about half a mile turn left off Mill Lane and head towards Kibworth. Half-way along this path turn left onto the footpath that runs parallel with Mill Lane.

Follow this path to and past the football ground and cross Kibworth Road again. Now head past the electricity transformers and over a stile to head across the field and into Millenium Wood.

Head straight over the wide path and through the wood bearing right at the end. Follow this path out of the wood up the steps and turn left to take you to the open field near Saddington Tunnel.

Turn right onto the footpath that leads to the main road and almost immediately right again along the ‘temporary’ path parallel to the canal towpath.

At the end of this path carefully head down the slope onto the towpath and thence along it until just after the bridge.

Go through the gate on the left, over the fields and back into Fleckney.

Photographs of the walk

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2nd May 2021

Leader: Janet Long

Distance: 8.5 miles

Ignore the little ‘tail’ to the left of the map – three of us decided to walk from Fleckney to Great Glen (and two of us walked back again afterward! Only 13 miles!).

Head east out of Great Glen along the main road past (yes, past!) The Yews and take the footpath on the right. This (sort of) follows the River Sence until you reach the site of the medieval village of Stretton Magna.

Right turn here and follow the road until you come to a junction. Opposite is a footpath. Take the footpath and enjoy the scenery.

When you come out onto Oaks Road, turn left and wander along until you reach the junction with Gartree Road. Here, you turn right and take the Roman Road that leads you across Burton Overy Lane and on to Carlton Curlieu Manor House. Look out for a signpost on the left and a gate on the right – both can be pretty well hidden.

Once you find the gate go through it. This path takes you to Carlton Curlieu itself – follow the sign to Burton Overy. When you come to the junction with a tree in the centre of a triangle, turn right and again follow the road towards Burton Overy.

As you approach the bend to the right you will see a footpath sign on your left. Take this footpath to Chestnut Farm and then join Carlton Lane that takes you into Burton Overy.

Turn left onto Main Street and after a short distance turn right onto Town Street. At the end of Town Street bear left and pick up the footpath that will take you to London Road and thence back in to Great Glen.

Photographs of the walk

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11 April 2021

Leader: Sheila Varnam

This walk is just under 9 miles.

Three of us walked from Fleckney to Saddington and back after the walk. This makes the walk 11 miles long.

Sheila led us from the allotments in Saddington along the Leicestershire Round down past Manor Farm and up to Smeeton Gorse and you come out onto Debdale Lane just before Gumley.

Turn right onto the lane and follow it to the junction where you bear right once again. Continue on what is now Gumley Road all the way to Laughton.

Just after you pass the village sign, turn left at the junction, follow the road round and then take the next, unnamed, road out of Laughton. Shortly afterward take the footpath to your left and head across the fields.

Just after Gumley Lodge you will come to a cross-path. Bear left here and head uphill to Gumley keeping to the footpath on the right.

Cross the road near the ‘library’ and take the path downhill keeping to the left and avoiding the Leicestershire Round. This path takes you around Gumley Wood and onto Debdale Lane.

After about 400 yards take the footpath to your left through the fields and down to the canal at bridge 68. Turn left (Rita!) on the canal towpath and have a pleasant stroll along for just over a mile.

You should have now reached Saddington Tunnel (Bridge 71). Turn left and follow the footpath heading towards Saddington Reservoir. Before you get that far take the footbridge on the right and follow the Leicestershire Round back into Saddington.

Photographs of the walk

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30th August 2020

Walcote Walk

Deborah led this walk from Walcote on 30th August. She says “We found a useless gate and nearly lost Tony in a maize field that was taller than all of us!”

Here are the pictures she took …