Billesdon 2022

Billesdon > Cold Newton > Tilton on the Hill

6th March 2022: Dave Harvey

The original route

A Dave Harvey walk from Billesdon ///breakaway.stoppage.hunches 

The orignal walk heads north through fields past Sludge Hall to Cold Newton for a coffee stop. From Cold Newton we pick up the Midshires Way heading south-east past Hamner’s Lodge Farm to Tilton on the Hill. An ideal location for a lunch stop and maybe a beer and/or coffee in the Rose and Crown. 

The last section of the walk is south-west through more fields past Digby Farm and Billesdon Lodge Farm and finally to Billesdon itself. For those in need of further refreshment we suggest the friendly Queens Head.

The Modified Route

A Dave Harvey walk from Billesdon ///breakaway.stoppage.hunches 

The walk now heads north along Coplow Lane on to Tilton Lane. Then along a bridle path past Cold Newton Lodge and Cold Newton Grange to Enderbys Lane. Follow the lane around the corner and then into Cold Newton where there is a delightful area just ideal for a coffee stop.

From Cold Newton pick up the Midshires Way heading south-east past Hamner’s Lodge Farm to Tilton on the Hill. This is an ideal lunch stop and maybe a beer and/or coffee in the Rose and Crown.

The last section of the walk is south-ish along Skeffington Glebe Road towards Skeffington, on to a short bridle path leading to Uppingham Road and finally to Billesdon itself. For those in need of further refreshment we suggest the friendly Queens Head.

Care was taken to provide a route with the minimum amount of mud but there will be some that is unavoidable if there has been any recent rainfall. There are some steep slopes and plenty of stiles on the route. However, the views on this walk are really worth the effort and there are interesting things to see along the way.

If you have a walking pole or two they could well come in handy.
Dave says “This is a country walk, expect country things!”.

Foxton, Lubenham, Marston Trussell

Foxton, Lubenham, Marston Trussell or Deb's Ancestors Walk

23rd January 2022: Deborah Martin

The Route - 8 miles

Parking is available near the St. Andrew’s Church, Foxton (///reminder.returns.freely) – it’s also near The Black Horse!

Start off heading away from the church and the pub along Main Street. Bear left along Gallow Field Road and take the footpath where this road meets Foxton Road.

This path heads straight for H.M. Prison, Gartree, but we escape by hanging a sharp right and then a left before meandering up Mill Hill and then descending into Lubenham.

We come out of the children’s play area onto The Green. Turn left and follow the road round to Main Street (A4304). Cross this road and head down Rushes Lane and past some interesting architecture, until you get to the railway bridge.

Under the bridge and turn right through the gate into the lush grounds of Thorpe Lubenham Hall. You may see a hare here or a deer near. You will come out through a very narrow gap in the hedge onto Marston Road which, as luck would have it, takes you to Marston Trussell.

The name of the road changes to Lubenham Road and as you enter the village you will espy St. Nicholas Church, where some of Deborah’s ancestors are buried.

Continue straight through the village as the road name changes to Main Street and then Theddingworth Road. Take a good look at Marston Thrussell Hall as you pass this wonderful building.

Turn right onto Scoborough Road where you see the blue sign deterring motor vehicles from using it. This road leads up to Harborough Road (A4304) and directly opposite is the path you need to take the other side of a metal gate.

The track leads northish over a disused railway and onto Bunkers Hill Road. This section of the walk is very slight and leads to a bridge over the canal. Just before the bridge are steps leading down to the towpath.

Once on the towpath, turn right and head towards the famous canal staircase that is Foxton Locks. Near the bottom of the locks head over the bridge and past the Foxton Locks Inn – unless you fancy a decent and more affordable beer at Bridge 61!).

Our walk continues along the roadway past the lower car park and along the old road leading up to Main Street. Turn Left and amble down the road back to the car and/or The Black Horse.

Fosse Meadows Country Park

Fosse Meadows Country Park

6th February 2022: Kathy Kilsby

The Route - 7.5 miles

Park at the Fosse Meadows Country Park car park (///detection.yummy.scoop) – no parking charge! Turn left out of the car park and follow the Roman Road across Frolesworth Road and up to the lay-by off Coventry Road. Turn left and exit the lay-by onto Coventry Road itself. After a few yards take the footpath on the right that leads across fields to Sapcote. The All Saints Church has an interesting lychgate, the first of two on this walk.

Meander around Cook’s Lane, past the Primary School and onto Park Road. Just before the houses is a partly hidden footpath sign on the left. This footpath heads southwest across fields of green (and brown!) all the way to Sharnford Road.

Upon reaching the road turn right and head into Aston Flamville. St. Peter’s Church has a recently built lychgate. If you are admiring this church entrance then you are correctly on Lychgate Lane. Follow the lane down to the bend where there is a gate on your left. There is a notice on the gate to keep it closed so we assume it’s ok to go through it. The actual footpath is signposted a bit further up the lane but the path leads back to this point.

This bit of the walk is well used and very muddy. It forms part of The Leicestershire Round – a 100 mile walk around Leicestershire. This section leads into Sharnford and, more importantly, The Sharnford Arms – a very warm and welcoming, dog-friendly, pub stop. It also boasts a Chinese Restaurant inside the pub.

After imbibing a pint or two, or whatever your tipple happens to be, head out of the car park and down the unmarked road to the left. Immediately after the bridge take the gate on the left marked with the distinctive yellow Leicestershire Round way marker.

This is the final section of the walk and leads across the sometimes squishy meadows. When you come to a footpath off to your left ignore it and continue straight on. The left fork is known to be very boggy and muddy. At the end of the meadows is a gate on your left leading back to the car park.

Hallaton to Glooston

Hallaton > Cranoe > Glooston

9th January, 2022: Janet Earwaker

Hallaton walk map

The Route - 10 miles

We parked near The Bewicke Arms (that is on the market) in Hallaton (///budgeted.system.tiger). Hallaton is famous for it’s bottle kicking ritual and it’s “Hare Pie Scramble”.

The access to the footpath may not be obvious at first. It is the entrance almost opposite the road (The Cross) by the memorial. 

Go through the entrance and pick up the MacMillan Way and follow it southwards for about 2½ miles to just beyond the dismantled railway.

Turn right onto the footpath leading to Churchfield House, then right again on to Welham Road leading to Cranoe. This road is part of the 225 mile long Midshires Way. It crosses Langton Road and heads up Church Hill. About ¾ of the way up the hill is a small gate on the left leading to St. Michael’s Church. If you go to the church you can climb down some steps to get back onto Church Hill.

Enjoy the lovely scenery as you follow this road to Glooston. The name of the road itself changes to Cranoe Road. When you get to the junction bear right onto the unnamed road with the two signs prohibiting vehicles over 7.5 tons.

You are now on the road to Goadby. Just before Glooston Lodge (where you may see some donkeys) is a footpath to the right leading through some fields. This effectively forms the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle and leads back onto the road you just left. As the fields were rather muddy we stayed on the road. The footpath comes out at the third cattle grid after Glooston Lodge.

Follow the road for another ¼ mile until you see a sign for the field road to Hallaton. This section of the adventure was marred by three individuals in a small tipper truck who blocked the road by fly-tipping their load just out of sight of us! This easy 2½ mile section of the walk takes us back to Hallaton and The Fox Inn for refreshments.

2nd May 2021

Leader: Janet Long

Distance: 8.5 miles

Ignore the little ‘tail’ to the left of the map – three of us decided to walk from Fleckney to Great Glen (and two of us walked back again afterward! Only 13 miles!).

Head east out of Great Glen along the main road past (yes, past!) The Yews and take the footpath on the right. This (sort of) follows the River Sence until you reach the site of the medieval village of Stretton Magna.

Right turn here and follow the road until you come to a junction. Opposite is a footpath. Take the footpath and enjoy the scenery.

When you come out onto Oaks Road, turn left and wander along until you reach the junction with Gartree Road. Here, you turn right and take the Roman Road that leads you across Burton Overy Lane and on to Carlton Curlieu Manor House. Look out for a signpost on the left and a gate on the right – both can be pretty well hidden.

Once you find the gate go through it. This path takes you to Carlton Curlieu itself – follow the sign to Burton Overy. When you come to the junction with a tree in the centre of a triangle, turn right and again follow the road towards Burton Overy.

As you approach the bend to the right you will see a footpath sign on your left. Take this footpath to Chestnut Farm and then join Carlton Lane that takes you into Burton Overy.

Turn left onto Main Street and after a short distance turn right onto Town Street. At the end of Town Street bear left and pick up the footpath that will take you to London Road and thence back in to Great Glen.

Photographs of the walk

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11 April 2021

Leader: Sheila Varnam

This walk is just under 9 miles.

Three of us walked from Fleckney to Saddington and back after the walk. This makes the walk 11 miles long.

Sheila led us from the allotments in Saddington along the Leicestershire Round down past Manor Farm and up to Smeeton Gorse and you come out onto Debdale Lane just before Gumley.

Turn right onto the lane and follow it to the junction where you bear right once again. Continue on what is now Gumley Road all the way to Laughton.

Just after you pass the village sign, turn left at the junction, follow the road round and then take the next, unnamed, road out of Laughton. Shortly afterward take the footpath to your left and head across the fields.

Just after Gumley Lodge you will come to a cross-path. Bear left here and head uphill to Gumley keeping to the footpath on the right.

Cross the road near the ‘library’ and take the path downhill keeping to the left and avoiding the Leicestershire Round. This path takes you around Gumley Wood and onto Debdale Lane.

After about 400 yards take the footpath to your left through the fields and down to the canal at bridge 68. Turn left (Rita!) on the canal towpath and have a pleasant stroll along for just over a mile.

You should have now reached Saddington Tunnel (Bridge 71). Turn left and follow the footpath heading towards Saddington Reservoir. Before you get that far take the footbridge on the right and follow the Leicestershire Round back into Saddington.

Photographs of the walk

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