I have just thrown this page together to try out a few of the things one can do with Outdooractive.

Before spending a lot of time adding detail to the recorded map data, I have just thrown the route and some photos at the Outdooractive app to see what the result would look like. I have been using the Pro version for some time but am now trying out the Pro+ version. This allows me to create a 3D flyover of the route and embed the result into this page.

The route and the images were taken from the recce that Rita and myself did back in February. The walking club went out on 2nd April to do the actual walk.

In the future, depending on your comments, I could add a full description of the route and some extra photos.

“The Outdooractive App is the perfect companion for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. With the app you can find and plan routes around the world with ease”.