Great Glen

Sunday, 15th December, 2019

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Map and Elevation

Map of Great Glen Walk

The Walk

Walk Leader: Deborah Martin

This walk is about 8.5 miles long.

Park at the recreation ground (off Bindleys Lane) car park and head west past the Social Club building and then north along the footpath. This path leads path the entrance to Penbury Farm, past the Sewage Works, and path the site of the Medieval Village of Stretton Magna before coming out onto Gartree Road opposite Mere Road.

Turn right onto Gartree Road, the old Roman Road, and then left at the next junction. The road leads into Little Stretton but just before the village go over the stile by a cattle grid to the left of the road and take the tree-lined path through the Manor grounds.

The footpath takes you past the church and brings you out onto Church Row after which you turn left at the junction and follow the lane all the way to the end where it meets Gaulby Road. There is a short cut across a field from the lane to Gaulby Road but it may be a little bit muddy after the weather we’ve had recently!

Whichever way you go, turn left onto Gaulby Road and head away from King’s Norton until the road crosses the River Sence after which there is a lay-by on the right leading to a footpath running parallel with Stretton Lane. Follow this path until you reach the cross-path between Cotterill Spinney and Larch Spinney. Turn right here and follow the path southeast along the edge of Larch Spinney to your left and past Norton Gorse on your right. Immediately after the Gorse the path forks.

Either fork will take you into King’s Norton via Gaulby Road. If you took the right fork turn left and head east until you reach the junction with Main Street on your right. If you took the left fork you exit opposite Main Street. This is pretty much the highest part of the walk.

Stroll down Main Street to the rather splendid Gothic Revival Church of St. John the Baptist. Take the road to the left past the church and follow it round until you reach a gateway on the right with a footpath leading across the fields (four of them). This path heads southwest and then south until it reaches Gartree (Roman) Road. Turn left onto Gartree and then almost immediately right onto another footpath leading across a further 4 fields until it exits onto Elms Lane. Turn right along the lane and then left onto Scotland Lane. Follow this lane into Main Street and keep going until you reach The Bell on your right.

Once suitably refreshed continue along Main Street and turn right into Bell Lane and then left onto Beadswell Lane. Follow this lane past the side of a house and onto another footpath. This last path leads you across no less than eight fields downhill onto London Road where you turn right to enter Great Glen. Continue along London Road before turning off onto Main Street opposite the Pug and Greyhound. Turn left onto Church Road and finally right onto Bindleys Lane and thence back to the car park at the recreation ground.

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Great Glen

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