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Visorando is a reference website and mobile app about walking in France. Mainly intended for hiking, cycling and mountain biking in France it also works in the UK.

It covers a large range: from Sunday walks to strenuous mountain hikes, trek or urban hikes.

They claim the quality of the tracks offered is more important than everything else: each track is precisely described and accompanied by a hiking map.

The mobile app helps you to follow the route by showing your GPS location in real-time. Although the app is free there is a charge to use the French IGN maps require a subscription. However, OpenStreetMaps are available.

Leicestershire Footpath Association

The Leicestershire Footpath Association has detailed records back to its re-launch in 1887 but there are reports of the Association protecting Leicestershire footpaths back to 1850.

Not only does association look after the footpaths and erect signs etc., they are responsible for creating the Leicestershire Round - a 100 miles walk around Leicestershire.

There are some interesting walks on their website and you can even download the routes of some of them.

Kibworth Rambling Group

The group started in 1992, when Bert and Lois Harrison invited residents of the local community of Kibworth to their monthly walk. Bert's widow is now the KRG President.

Bert had at that time completed work, with the support of Leicestershire County Council, of re-establishing and marking out the footpaths, bridleways and by-ways around Kibworth and its neighbouring villages.

This work was the prelude to the extremely useful and fairly unique yellow post markings on footpath routes. These are sorely missed when walking through the countryside of other shires, where they are absent.

When we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2017, with 102 members on our books. Our walks are now weekly, with 'B' walks of between 10 & 12 miles and 'C' walks of between 4 & 6 miles, each regularly made up of around 20 walkers. You can read more about this on our Walks page.

We also organise annual spring and autumn walking holidays, as well as various other social events. We are a friendly group of walkers who welcome and encourage new members. Why not get in touch and join us for a trial walk or two?