Thursday, 20th June, 2019


Map and Elevation

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Bromley

From the Coach and Horses turn right onto Harborough Road and then right again onto Old Hall Lane. Follow the lane round the corner and take the path on the left just after some farm buildings.

This path crosses Farndon Road and then diagonally across the field – if you’re lucky! If the crop is growing well you may have to skirt around the field, in which case you may have to hunt for the well-hidden exit path. It is there, a little bridge affair.

Once through the hedge it is a gentle incline along the edge of another field. It is well worth turning around along here to witness the view behind you. Head for the right-hand corner of the field where there is a gate and a footpath leading west. Follow this path around until you find yourself on Marston Trussell Road.

This road is straight and narrow. Follow it, for 670 yards, until you reach a bridge over a stream. Immediately after the bridge is another hidden footpath to the right. This path leads diagonally across the field, over a footbridge, past Marston Trussell church, and onto Lubenham Road.

Turn right onto the road and follow it for about 700 yards (past the Leicestershire sign) until you reach a gap in the hedge, a stile, and a footpath taking you past Thorpe Lubenham Hall in the distance. This path my be a little indistinct but you need to head northeast until you reach a gate leading onto Farndon Road. Turn left and head for the pub!

Interactive Map

The Pictures