The Winner

Nobody got it right but the closest was Janet Earwaker with 3, 4, 6, 1, 2, 5.

Red or White, Janet?

The Answer

Marston from Fleckney
1: Photo E

Taking a peek into Gumley Wood.

2: Photo F

One of the easier ones? The pathway from Foxton Locks up to the main road.

3: Photo A

Looking back at St. Andrew’s Church, Foxton from Gallow Field Road.

4: Photo C

A hard one this, the footpath leading from Welland Avenue to Lubenham.

5: Photo B

All Saints Church, Lubenham.

6: Photo D

Leaving Marston Trussell heading along Scoborough Road.

The Question

All of the pictures below were taken from a single 15.5 mile walk. They were all taken in the direction of the walk, i.e. not looking behind me.

Your task is to tell me the order in which the pictures were taken (there are only 720 possible options!).

All exif (camera recorded) data has been removed from the images and they all bear the same time-stamp. So no help there.

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