Sunday March 19, 2023 09:30

Fleckney (Gumley) Saddington

Leader: Phil Williams

This is a nice easy walk with some undulation and few stiles. Ok, so we’re heading over Smeeton Hill and we know we have to go upwards for a little bit but doing it clockwise the walk has some impressive views. The walk is either 7 or 7.5 miles long depending on the decision made at the 3.5 mile mark.

The first part of the walk is simply down to the canal and over Saddington Tunnel – I will try to lead you the least muddy route! Once on the towpath it’s an enjoyable 1.75 mile amble whilst admiring the various species of animal and plant life along the route.

We leave the canal at Bridge 68, a footbridge leading past Debdale Grange (otherwise known as the “dog place”) and onto Debdale Lane. A right turn on the lane and it’s decision time.

Take the left footpath to encircle Gumley Wood and climb up to Gumley. There is a “library” in the ex-phone box on Main Street where you can exchange a book or two (there is also The Bell Inn a little way down the road where you can enjoy a glass or two!).

The walk continues in the opposite direction, up to St. Helen’s Church where we have been known to pause for a coffee stop or even lunch, and on to The Leicestershire Round.

If we decide to take the slightly shorter route and turn right off Debdale Lane we wander through a field and onto Gumley Road. Directly opposite is a track that is somewhat uneven in places but it’s the way to go. The track terminates at a gate and to the right is a footpath that takes us where we want to go (via a stile). However, if we were to go through the large gate at the front of us we can wander right through the field and over a stile to get back onto the footpath mentioned previously. The advantage of this route is there are no badger setts to break your legs in and the stile is marginally better too. A quick dip and a short rise and we meet up with The Leicestershire Round.

With Smeeton Gorse on the left it’s a short but steep climb up Smeeton Hill. There is a bench at the top where bums can be parked if need be. It is worthwhile to stand here a minute or two and take in the panoramic view of the countryside you live so close to.

The path from here heads downhill and can be muddy in places. Care should be taken here as the slope gets rather intense. Once at the bottom it’s over the footbridge, through a couple of fields and into Saddington – the home of The Queen’s Head and another St. Helen’s Church – and finally back to Fleckney.

The pub stop will be either The Queen’s Head in Saddington or The Golden Shield in Fleckney.

General information:

The Fleckney Walking Club meet every other Sunday for a walk of about 7 to 9 miles with a pub stop somewhere along the route.
We leave the village car park at 9:30 a.m. (///loses.always.huts).
For these walks you are advised to wear good quality walking boots and carry weatherproof clothing.
We suggest you also bring refreshments as a coffee stop is also usually on the cards.
For those who are car-sharing to walks outside of Fleckney, passengers are requested to subsidise their driver by the amount of 20p per mile (one way). For example, if the start of the walk was 10 miles from Fleckney the fee would be 10 x 20p = £2.

If you fancy leading a walk, there are plenty of ideas for walks here.

During the summer months we also have Thursday evening walks of about 4 to 5 miles in length.
These generally start and end at a pub!
We meet at the village car park, by 7 p.m. (///loses.always.huts).

In the event of a walk being cancelled due to inclement weather (or any other reason) the walk leader will communicate the cancellation by email in the first instance and also be at the start meeting point to advise any members who miss the email.

The annual cost to join the Fleckney Walking Club is £10 (Sundays and Thursdays) or £5 (Thursdays only) payable on your first walk.

You can find The Fleckney Walking Club Group on Facebook. This is a private group but you are welcome to apply to join us.

If you would like to join this walk then please fill out the form below and press the Submit button.
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