May 17th to 19th, 2019

Devonshire is always a good destination and the weekend away in May, 2019 was a cracker – apart from the rain on the Sunday that ruined my camera!!

As usual, we had three walks, a short one on Friday, a long one on Saturday, and a short one on Sunday. At least that was the plan! Janet must have been having trouble with her piece of string as the walks turned out to be 9.5, 8.0, and 10.5 miles respectively!

Sidmouth walk

Friday, 17th:
A walk around Sidmouth.

From Salcombe Regis (the camp site), west through Fortescue, around Sidmouth Cemetery, along Moor Park Lane and south to the cliffs. Continue east along the cliffs into Sidmouth, and then climb a big hill back to Salcombe Regis.

Budleigh Salterton walk

Saturday 18th:
Budleigh Salterton

From the car park at the Otter Estuary Nature Reserve, along the cliffs below Budleigh Salterton to the end of the golf course. Then head north to join Castle Lane and a quick zig-zag to follow a path northeastwards to Pooh Cottage Holiday Park. Turn left onto the road and head past past Shortwood House, over Shortwood Common and then along Hayeswood Lane to East Budleigh. Then it’s south to Kersbrook, a little wiggle and then follow the tributary back to the car park.

Branscombe walk

Sunday 19th:

From Salcome Regis (the camp site) head eastish through the Donkey Sanctuary, turn left and then right and follow the road to Ashton. Take a footpath and another road to Edge Farm. From the farm head southeast along a footpath until you reach the road heading downhill into Branscombe. Turn left in Branscombe and head to Vicarage where you do a sharp right and follow the path to the cliffs at Branscombe Mouth. Head west along the cliffs, getting soaked by an unexpected downpour, until you reach the footpath leading through Dawes. This takes you the road that leads back to the Donkey Sanctuary and thence back to the start.