The Crown of India
Friday, 15th December 2023

Well done to Helen for organising the Christmas meal at The Crown of India.

The meal was very well attended which goes to show that perhaps a change from the “standard” turkey dinner was a good idea. Although I was there at the time, I can’t remember who actually suggested an “Indian” but whover it was, well done you!

From the comments I received I gather that everyone was happy with their meal, I certainly was.

Photo by Vickie (on my phone!)
Photo by Vickie (on my phone!)
Photo by Deborah (on her phone!)

After the lovely meal, a few of us decided to continue our celebrations at The Golden Shield where we had a chit-chat about the evening and the Club in general. One of the topics, unsurprisingly, was whether or not we should do a similar thing and avoid the turkey again the next time?!? Personally, I would say yes, but I have allowed comments on this post so you can all have your say.