Merlin Bird ID

It’s not often I rave about an “APP” but I make an exception for Merlin Bird ID.

Merlin Bird ID is completely free and it can help you with your bird-spotting in different ways. Answer three questions for a list of possible answers, take a look at pictures of birds, or do what I do mostly and record the sounds you can hear.

If, like me, you can hear the twittering in the trees and in the air but don’t know what you are listening to, this is the app for you. Set it off and it can listen to everything in the surrounding area and distinguish the individual bird songs. So now you don’t have to see a bird to know what it is. Some of the feathered blighters are so difficult to see anyway!

I spotted, or rather heard, all of these birds on a walk from Fleckney to Kibworth and back. Perhaps I should say that the app spotted them, not me!

The list on the left is from the journey to Kibworth and the one on the right was homeward bound.