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Hallaton > Slawston > Blaston > Horninghold > Hallaton

Map and Elevation

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Harvey

This walk is about 8.5 miles long.

Park at, or near, The Bewicke Arms and head towards the church. Take the road to the right, keeping the church on your left and head past the school and out of the village. Just after the the last house, go through the signed gate and head straight across the field to another gate. Go through this gate and round the cemetery and join the Leicestershire Round. Stay on the Round going up and over the hill and down to the site of the medieval village of Othorpe.

Turn off the Leicestershire Round at this point and take the footpath leading to Langton Road. Turn left onto Langton Road and then right onto Slawston Road. Continue on this road to the village of Slawston. Keep to Main Road through the village and join Hallaton Road just after the church.

Hallaton Road will take you all the way to the edge of Blaston to join Hornington Lane on the left. However, there is a lovely little church down the road just crying out for you to take a coffee break there. When you leave the church, retrace your steps up the hill and go straight along Horninghold Lane until it meets Hallaton Road. Turn right and head into the village where there is another interesting little church.

Opposite the entrance to the church, where Hallaton Road meets Knob Hill Road, is a short road that leads past some interestingly named cottages and through a farmyard. Here, the path splits and you need to take the one to the left. This footpath takes you across Alexton Road and up to Fearn Farm.

A sharp left at a confusing gateway and you are back on the Leicestershire Round / Macmillan Way. This path is pretty well signed until you leave it at the junction of East Norton Road and Allexton Road. Stay on the road all the way back to Hallaton and the pub!

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