Hallaton > Cranoe > Glooston

9th January, 2022: Janet Earwaker

Hallaton walk map

The Route - 10 miles

We parked near The Bewicke Arms (that is on the market) in Hallaton (///budgeted.system.tiger). Hallaton is famous for it’s bottle kicking ritual and it’s “Hare Pie Scramble”.

The access to the footpath may not be obvious at first. It is the entrance almost opposite the road (The Cross) by the memorial. 

Go through the entrance and pick up the MacMillan Way and follow it southwards for about 2½ miles to just beyond the dismantled railway.

Turn right onto the footpath leading to Churchfield House, then right again on to Welham Road leading to Cranoe. This road is part of the 225 mile long Midshires Way. It crosses Langton Road and heads up Church Hill. About ¾ of the way up the hill is a small gate on the left leading to St. Michael’s Church. If you go to the church you can climb down some steps to get back onto Church Hill.

Enjoy the lovely scenery as you follow this road to Glooston. The name of the road itself changes to Cranoe Road. When you get to the junction bear right onto the unnamed road with the two signs prohibiting vehicles over 7.5 tons.

You are now on the road to Goadby. Just before Glooston Lodge (where you may see some donkeys) is a footpath to the right leading through some fields. This effectively forms the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle and leads back onto the road you just left. As the fields were rather muddy we stayed on the road. The footpath comes out at the third cattle grid after Glooston Lodge.

Follow the road for another ¼ mile until you see a sign for the field road to Hallaton. This section of the adventure was marred by three individuals in a small tipper truck who blocked the road by fly-tipping their load just out of sight of us! This easy 2½ mile section of the walk takes us back to Hallaton and The Fox Inn for refreshments.