Foxton, Lubenham, Marston Trussell or Deb's Ancestors Walk

23rd January 2022: Deborah Martin

The Route - 8 miles

Parking is available near the St. Andrew’s Church, Foxton (///reminder.returns.freely) – it’s also near The Black Horse!

Start off heading away from the church and the pub along Main Street. Bear left along Gallow Field Road and take the footpath where this road meets Foxton Road.

This path heads straight for H.M. Prison, Gartree, but we escape by hanging a sharp right and then a left before meandering up Mill Hill and then descending into Lubenham.

We come out of the children’s play area onto The Green. Turn left and follow the road round to Main Street (A4304). Cross this road and head down Rushes Lane and past some interesting architecture, until you get to the railway bridge.

Under the bridge and turn right through the gate into the lush grounds of Thorpe Lubenham Hall. You may see a hare here or a deer near. You will come out through a very narrow gap in the hedge onto Marston Road which, as luck would have it, takes you to Marston Trussell.

The name of the road changes to Lubenham Road and as you enter the village you will espy St. Nicholas Church, where some of Deborah’s ancestors are buried.

Continue straight through the village as the road name changes to Main Street and then Theddingworth Road. Take a good look at Marston Thrussell Hall as you pass this wonderful building.

Turn right onto Scoborough Road where you see the blue sign deterring motor vehicles from using it. This road leads up to Harborough Road (A4304) and directly opposite is the path you need to take the other side of a metal gate.

The track leads northish over a disused railway and onto Bunkers Hill Road. This section of the walk is very slight and leads to a bridge over the canal. Just before the bridge are steps leading down to the towpath.

Once on the towpath, turn right and head towards the famous canal staircase that is Foxton Locks. Near the bottom of the locks head over the bridge and past the Foxton Locks Inn – unless you fancy a decent and more affordable beer at Bridge 61!).

Our walk continues along the roadway past the lower car park and along the old road leading up to Main Street. Turn Left and amble down the road back to the car and/or The Black Horse.