Mowsley 2

Thursday, 13th June, 2019


Map and Elevation

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Bromley

The weather was unkind to us most of the week but this Thursday evening turned out to be a cracker. Yes, the fields were wet and there was a lot of mud in places but the five of us that braved it had a fantastic walk.

The Staff of Life car park in Mowsley is not very big but, if you’re lucky, you can squeeze in. From the pub, turn left on the main road and head north to the corner just after the church. On the corner is a footpath, on the left-hand side, that will take you down to a hidden stream. This area can get flooded after a good downpour so some deviation from the path may be necessary.

Climb up the bank after the stream and head to the right of the metal gate. Keep the hedge on your left as you continue along the footpath through two fields. There are stiles in the corner of each.

As you descend through yet another field you will see an inverted ‘V’ in the hedge in front of you. This is where the next stile is – but, Dave being Dave, that is not where you need to go! Diagonally to your right you will see a gate and some old buildings (Lodge Farm). Head for the gate – keeping an eye out for bulls and foxes! Tread carefully past these old buildings, as they don’t appear to very safe, and continue along the track until you reach Saddington Road.

Turn left onto the road and continue past Valley View Farm, round the corner, and turn onto the bridle path on your right opposite Brook Farm. This path takes you south all the into Laughton, a small but pretty village – watch out for cats!

Turn right onto Main Street, just after triangle of grass in the centre of the road. Continue along Main Street until you spot a red telephone box on the left then take the “No Through Road” to the right. This road terminates just after St. Luke’s Church where you will see signs to footpaths left and right. Turn left and head through the small wooden gate to the right of the house and  continue westwards until you get back into Mowsley – keep an eye out where the track appears to go off to the right but the footpath you want is more or less straight in front. Once back in Mowsley, enjoy some refreshments at the Staff of Life.

Interactive Map

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Sunday, 13th January

Fleckney > Saddington > Mowsley > Fleckney

This walk was supposed to about 7.5 miles. Starting from the Scout Hut Car Park, we set off along Saddington Road towards Saddington in reasonable weather. It was a bit overcast but it looked fair enough for the walk. This all changed as we climbed over the first of many stiles and crossed the fields until we got to Mowsley Road. The mist set in and stayed with us for the duration.

Turning off Mowsley Road, we headed downhill to Saddington Brook, continued along Mowsley Brook, past Brook Farm and Valley View Farm until we climbed up to Saddington Road. Here we walked along the road to Mowsley and turned right onto a footpath to take us towards Peashill Farm and then on to Saddington Lodge Farm. After walking through this rather large and very well-kept farm we turned left onto Shearsby Road and walked a short distance to Arnesby Road.

The original plan was to turn left at the junction of Arnesby Road and Fleckney Road and head back into Fleckney via the excellent, and not too muddy, track that would have brought us back onto Arnesby Road just a few yards away from The Golden Shield. As the weather was more than a little miserable, we decided to take the road into Fleckney and enjoyed our refreshments in said pub.

Interactive Map