The brave souls who mastered the mud!
The brave souls who mastered the mud!

The Peatlings and Bruntingthorpe

The route: the red flags are stiles.


Leader: Gill Bridgeman

We parked up at The Shires Inn (///stored.profiled.removal) in Peatling Parva, only to find that the pub was closed until the following Wednesday!

As you can see from the map, there are a number of possible routes we could have taken. Gill chose to take us north along Main Street and then we turned off to the left to walk past Saint Andrew’s Church. After the church there are options to head west and along a permissive path that can get very muddy but has few, if any, stiles, or right through the fields. We took the latter option even though we knew there were going to be stiles.

We then headed north westish through green fields and over stiles where the mud seems to gather until we joined Mere Road that is a permissive track leading almost to Peatling Magna. Half of our little group had climbed over the stile onto the track when a gaggle of motor-bikers approached. Fair play, they slowed a little as they past us and avoided the puddles. This track was full of puddles, some as large as garden ponds covering the width of the track, and they required a fair bit of flexibility to manouvre around. The other option, if you didn’t mind wet feet, was to wade through them! We were close to one of these large puddles when the bikers returned. Once again they slowed and avoided splashing us – thank you lads.

The track terminates at the junction of the road from Willoughby Waterleys to Peatling Magna. Across this road and slightly to the right is a gate and the permissive track continues along the (h)edge of two fields for about 350 yards (320 meters) where there is a stile to the right that we climbed to join The Leicestershire Round leading into Magna.

As you will see from the map, there are a couple of routes through Peatling Magna and this is an excellent place to make a pit stop. All Saints Church is well worth a visit and there are seats there for those who would like a coffee and a spot of lunch. An alternative is the excellent Cock Inn for those who prefer something a little stronger than coffee! As a result of Covid and the increase in fuel costs, many pubs don’t open their doors until midday. This was the case with the Cock so we were led to the church and enjoyed a picnic in the porch.

We picked up the Leicestershire Round once again and headed south out of Peatling Magna. Gill was wise enough to lead us through a gate onto the road as the ground at the stile we should have climbed was very steep and muddy. The “Round” leading to Bruntingthorpe is well travelled and well sign-posted – although I do know of a pair of walkers who managed to lose themselves by following an animal track and not the path!

The path exits onto Main Street in Bruntingthorpe. If one was to continue along Main Street bearing left as it passes the garage and then right, one might find oneself at or near The Plough Inn which has a large beer garden for when the weather is suitable to sit outside, and a cozy and friendly bar if you prefer to be inside. Although this was the official pub stop of the walk, the group split here as the majority preferred not to stop. The soggy ground and muddy paths combine to increase the effort required to navigate them and it can be very tiring and, at our age, once we sit it’s hard to get going again. Two of us, however, decided to increase the takings of the Plough by a small amount (E.L.H.)!

The final section of the walk was westwards along Bruntingthorpe Road until the road curves to the left. There is a short track to the right of the road and this leads on to a footpath that continues west and then wiggles it’s way into Peatling Parva. This was the route taken by the first party but the thirst party decided to walk back along the mud-free and stile-free road!

Although it was a bit windy on the day, the weather was kind to us and the rain held off making the walk a very enjoyable one. Thank you Gill, it was fun!

The Adventure


Just a few of the pictures I took of the Peatlings / Bruntingthorpe adventure – there’s even one of me!