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Map and Elevation

Arnesby walk map

The Walk

Walk Leader: Janet Earwaker

This walk is about 7 miles long.

Starting from the Scout Hut car park, head north along High Street, past The Old Crown and the Co-op up to the mini-roundabout. Turn left here along Kilby Road until you reach Furnival Close. Turn left into the close and head for a little alleyway ahead and to the left of you. This leads onto a footpath that will take you across a field and onto a fairly decent track heading eastish for quite a while. After this while, a the path curves to the left. Shortly after this you will see a footpath to your left that you could have taken but would be a lot muddier. Immidiately after this point is a not-too-easily-spotted path to your right. Take this path if it’s not too muddy otherwise stay on the track until it comes out onto Fleckney Road where you turn right.

Either way you will find yourself heading towards the cute village of Arnesby. Carefully cross the A5199 and head through the farm in front of you. When you come out into the open turn left and head down St. Peter’s Road toward the church. Follow the road around the church until you see a kind of fork. The left side of the fork is sign-posted as a footpath and it initially leads south and then south-east(ish) to Shearsby.

The footpath exits onto Church Lane and, surprisingly, leads to Saint Peter’s Church. A good spot for elevenses perhaps? Continue past the church to the crossroads where you turn left onto Back Lane. Continue along Back Lane until it meets the A5199. Careful here as there is no footpath. Carefully cross the road onto the grass verge opposite and turn left so that you are heading northwards. Towards the top of the hill you will see a large green gateway to your right. To the right of the gates is a stile that takes you onto The Leicestershire Round. This is horse country so expect to wade through muddy fields!

The Round brings you out onto Fleckney Road again where you turn right and head along the road to the junction with Arnesby Road. Here you have another choice: Go straight on through the gate in front of you and continue along The Leicestershire Round, or turn left and head back into Fleckney along Arnesby Road.

The footpath will take you towards Fleckney until a cross-path that gives you another choice. Carry straight on until you reach the main road and pavement-pound to the pub, or turn left along the path that leads behind Lodge Road, through the recreation park, along a very muddy path, and eventually onto Main Road. Turn right and head for The Golden Shield. If the decision to head down Arnesby Road was made earlier, just keep going till you get to The Shield.

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