Great Glen

Sunday, 15th December, 2019

Great Glen > Newton Harcourt > Great Glen

Map and Elevation

Map of walk from Great Glen

The Walk

Walk Leader: Deborah Martin

This walk is about 5.5 miles long.

Park at The Pug and Greyhound and pick up the footpath at the end of Orchard Lane. The footpath takes you 90 degrees left and heads east until the pathway forks. Take the right fork due south to the A6. Be very careful crossing this main road as the traffic doesn’t hang about!

Once safely across the A6, continue southwards and under the railway bridge. It will be very muddy here! When emerge from the mire stay on the path until you reach the canal at Crane’s Lock. Turn right and follow the towpath all the way to Newton Harcourt. Here you have a choice. If you come off the canal at Church Bridge (no. 80) you can pop down to peek at the lovely St. Luke’s Church. Double back over the canal bridge and over the railway bridge. Immediately after the latter take the footpath to the left of the road all the way to the end where it joins the alternative path. 

250 metres further on from Church Bridge you can exit onto a footpath that takes you straight onto Glen road. Immediately after the railway bridge is the footpath to the right from the first option.

Once you get to Glen Road, take the bridleway directly across the road from you. After about a kilometre (did you notice I’ve gone metric?) take the smaller footpath to the right that heads back to the A6. Again, take care crossing this busy highway. The pathway on the other side of the road takes you eastwards back towards Great Glen.

You will come out onto London Road and luckily it has a pavement – on the other side of the road. More care is needed to cross the road and then turn right along the pavement and follow London Road all the way to The Pug and Greyhound where friendly service and refreshments await.

Interactive Map

Great Glen (short)

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