Fleckney to Laughton

Sunday, 26th January, 2020

Fleckney > Saddington > Laughton > Gumley > Saddington > Fleckney

Map and Elevation

Fleckney to Laughton map

The Walk

Walk Leader: Rita Pearce (and Phil Williams)

This is multiple-choice walk of about 7.5 miles from Fleckney, through Saddington, to Laughton, and back. It’s probably been done a few times but we like it!

Starting from the Scout Hut Car Park, head out of the village towards Saddington. With all the rain and building work it’s probably best to single file along the narrow pavement into Saddington. The safer alternative is to go through the fields along the Leicestershire Round. When you get into Saddington, head past the pub and the church and follow the road to the bottom of the hill.

Here you have the second choice, continue along the road, turning right at the fork, to Brook Farm, or through (muddy) fields and along Mowsley Brook until the path joins another at right angles to it. This second path brings you out onto Mowsley Road where you turn right to get to Brook Farm.

However you get there, there is a bridleway opposite the farm. This track is surprisingly not too muddy (or it wasn’t when we checked it out). The path heads due south and takes you all the way into Laughton bringing you out by St. Mark’s Church. Follow the road past the church up to the fork in the road marked by a grass triangle.

If you ask Rita which way to go from here she will say right. So, turn left and follow Main Street up to the next fork and grass triangle. Keep to the left, the other left Rita, and follow Gumley road to … Gumley.

Well no, another choice looms before getting to Gumley. Just after the war memorial there is a crossroads. Either turn left and go down the steep hill and past Saddington reservoir, or straight on and pick up the Leicestershire Round and go through the (muddy) fields to Saddington.

Once you reach Saddington you can call in the Queen’s Head for a brew or two (I get a discount there), or head back into Fleckney and the choice of our two locals. Here’s hoping you enjoy(ed) the walk. Cheers!

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