Martinshaw Wood

Sunday, 20th October, 2019

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Map and Elevation

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Harvey

This walk is about 9 miles. Start at the car park at Martinshaw Wood (lat: 52.6546667, lon: -1.2484500). Take the path leading west to Ratby Burroughs. At the crosspaths (is that a word?) turn left and head south towards Woodlands Farm and then turn right along the footpath that leads into Botcheston.

This path takes you to the junction of Botcheston Road, Markfield Lane, and Main Street. Take the latter and head through the village. As you walk along Main Street keep a lookout for a footpath sign on the right with a bin attached and next to some uneven steps. Take the steps and head north to Glendale Farm.

The path leads onto Markfield Lane. Here turn left and head north along the lane for about 300 yards. Look out for a footpath on the right just after a large house and before reaching open countryside.

Head northeast along this path to Forest Hill Golf Club. The path meanders for a while before bringing you back to the crosspaths at Martinshaw Wood.

For those of you with a compass (?) you are heading just east of north ignoring two footpaths to the left whilst curving round to the right and taking the third path leading to Martinshaw Farm.

After the farm, turn left and tak the path through Choyce’s Rough keeping to the edge of the wood and then taling the right path to reach Markfield Lane (again). Turn left along the lane and head through the tunnel under the motorway (M1) and turn sharp right as soon as you leave the underpass.

After a very short while the path bears left and heads past Groby Lodge Farm and exits on the A50. Luckily, there is a pavement along this road so turn right and carry on along the right-hand side until you break away from the dual carriageway. Follow this road, also called Markfield Road, to The Stamford Arms where you can have a rest.

If and when you leave the pub, take Ratby Road and carry on until you reach Martinshaw Lane. Turn right onto the lane and continue onto Lawnwood Road, past Woodlands Drive until you find a footpath on the right as the road bears left into Woodbank Road.

This is the last stage of the walk as this footpath leads along the edge of Martinshaw Wood back to the car park.

Dave described the walk as “mildly hilly and hopefully dry”! It was both, although a bit soggy in places!

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Martinshaw Wood

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