Sunday, 6th October, 2019

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Map and Elevation

The Walk

Walk Leader: Andy Collins

This walk is a meander through the Wreake Valley. Commencing at Brookside in Rearsby, thence via Thrussington Mill to Rotherby and Frisby. Return to Rearsby via pub stop at Hoby (The Blue Bell) and Brooksby College. Approximately 8.5 miles long with no serious hills, and a moderate number of stiles, the walk is mainly on field paths and bridleways with odd bits of road.

Setting off from Rearsby, pick up the Leicestershire Round by the Convent and follow it past Thrussington Mill. Shortly after the mill, the Round veers eastwards towards the River Wreake. Fork right off the Round just before the river and take the path to Brooksby Road. Turn right along the road, over a level crossing, and follow the road a short distance until reaching a footpath to the left and head northeast towards Rotherby.

The footpath soon joins Main Street that takes you into and through Rotherby, still heading northeast. As you leave the village, take the footpath leading to the good old Leicestershire Round once more still heading northeast until it crosses Hoby Road.

Leave the Round here and head north along Hoby Road, a little more than a track, over a weak bridge, and another railway crossing until meeting the junction with Asfordby Road. Turn right onto this road and then right again onto Washstones Lane. Follow the lane over yet another level crossing until you reach Frisby on the Wreake.

Washtones Lane turns into Water Lane and just before reaching Rotherby Road turn into an alley between a couple of houses to pick up the Leicestershire Round once again. The Round leads you westwards back to the junction of Rotherby Road and Hoby Road. Leave the Round at this point and continue westwards, over the railway, again, and meet up with the Round once more. Head past a wier and an old mill until you reach Hoby and The Blue Bell for your pub stop. 

Once suitably refreshed, head southwest out of Hoby and follow the river until you cross the railway for the last time and reach Rotherby. Turn right onto the road and follow it all the way to Brooksby. After the cattle grid, turn right and almost immediately left into the college grounds. Head through the car park and past the church until you pick up a footpath leading southwest past Hall Farm and Hive’s Farm and thus back into Rearsby.

It will probably be a bit squishy underfoot on account of the recent rain – gaitors / overtrousers recommended!.

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