Thursday, 30th June, 2019


Map and Elevation

Cosby walk map

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Bromley

The best place to park in Cosby is not outside the pub. It is very narrow there and gets filled up very quickly. The Nook is better and it’s only a few yards away.

Head west away from the pub and walk along The Nook into Croft Road. Turn left down a narrow road just after the zebra crossing. There are a couple of kinks in the path and it turns 90 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right before coming to a “crosspath” where you turn 90 degrees left again.

Very shortly you will get to a junction where the actual path goes left or right. Being led by Dave this meant that we carried straight on and ignored any footpath marked on the map!

After fighting your way through dense undergrowth (well, tall grass!) you will get to a proper, marked on the map, type path. Turn left onto this path that will take you back into Cosby by the entrance to the Golf Club Car Park.

Turn right and follow Broughton Road for a short distance before turning down Shuttleworth Lane. Follow the lane until you reach two gates on the right-hand side. The footpath through the second gate is where you’re headed.

The path takes you through fields and under a disused railway bridge and comes out on Cottage Lane. Turn left on the lane and head past Cosby Lodge until the lane meets Lutterworth Road. Turn left and stay on the grass verge (it’s safer) until you reach the first junction on the left that is other end of Shuttleworth Lane.

Traipse along the lane until you come to an opening on the right. This path leads under the disused railway once more until you find yourself on the golf course. Continue along the marked path slightly left of north keeping your eye and ears peeled for small round projectiles being fired at you by people with sticks. They are hard and they hurt!

After coming off the golf course we should have carried straight on which would lead directly to the pub. However, the men got distracted by the cows and the women turned left into an alleyway. After a short conference between human and bovine we followed the ladies along Tudor Road, through another walkway onto Chapel Lane and then right along Broughton Road to The Bulls Head.

Interactive Map

The Cow Whisperer!

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