Thursday, 23rd June, 2019


Map and Elevation

Fleckney walk map

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Bromley

The first Thursday Walk for 2019 was a short, “let’s get back into it”, walk around Fleckney.

Starting from the Scout Hut Car Park, head north along High Street (past the Old Crown) and turn left into the housing estate after the Co-op. Follow the road round to the right and then left and head to the end of Forge Close and take the path that joins the jitty. Turn right onto the jitty and follow it all the way to Colman Road. Turn right onto Colman Road and then left over a stile and onto the footpath that now goes through the new housing estate.

In fact, the footpath has been diverted to go around the houses until it gets to the original exit point. Follow the footpath diagonally across the first field, through and then along the far side of the second field and around the right of a third.

Head, in the same direction, for the yellow post on the opposite side of the next field. There should be a well-defined path here but we had to make our own!

You have now reached a “crosspaths” at Fox Covert. Straight ahead is the path to Kilby, the right one leads to Wistow, but you want the one to the left and south-west that takes you to Kilby Road.

The obvious choice here is to go straight across the road onto the continuation of the bridleway you just left. With Dave leading the way? Not a chance! Turn left to go along the road and through the gate on the right just around the corner. Pass the barn and head slightly east of south until you reach a small copse to your right – there is a spring marked on the map at this point. Turn left and head east until you reach a ‘proper’ footpath that takes you to Arnesby Road. Turn left on the road and deposit yourself in The Golden Shield for a pint or a brandy as you relax knowing you didn’t get shot by the farmer!

Interactive Map

The Pictures