Sunday, 16th June, 2019

Laughton > Lubenham > Foxton

Map and Elevation

Laughton map and profile

The Walk

Walk Leader: Phil Williams

Many thanks to Vickie and Rita who both helped me recce this walk. Together we managed to iron out a few errors on my part!

The start point for this walk is just outside Laughton along the unnamed road to the south of the village that leads towards Laughton Road. The road  here is rather narrow but there is plenty of room to park on the grass verge Рjust about where the tractor is in this picture.

Laughton walk start point

If you look closely, you can see the sign for the footpath on the right. This path leads west to the outskirts of the village and meets the road. Turn left and then left again onto another footpath. When the path forks head along the left one down to Laughton Road. Follow Laughton road as far as Bankers Hill Farm, cross Bankers Hill and descend to the canal by the bridge.

Follow the canal until you get to the bridge at Gumley Road, and turn onto the footpath to the immediate right. Continue on this path down towards Lubenham, crossing Foxton Road along the way.

Just before the path leads into Lubenham take a sharp left and head northish all the way to Foxton – via some undulations!

With luck, you’ll find yourself on Swingbridge Street. If so, turn right and head for the canal once more and follow it to Bridge 61 as by now it will be refreshment time!

Once refreshed, head towards the famous 10 Foxton Locks but turn right at the bridge and follow the footpath from there westward and cross Foxton Road. Keep in the same direction until you meet up with another road and turn left anad follow it until you find a footpath to the right.

For the last leg of this walk, take the gate to the left of the farm road and continue west through the fields past Gumley Lodge until you get back to start point.

Interactive Map

The Pictures

Click on the image for the full map. Co-ordinates are 52.495361, -1.02569