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Map and Elevation

Swithland map and elevation

The Walk

Walk Leader: Andy Collins

From the car park in Swithland Wood head north-eastish along Swithland Road and perform a bit of a zig-zag (or igam-ogam as we say in Wales) via a short footpath to Main Street. Head along Main Street towards Swithland until you reach a stile to a footpath on the left, just after a bus stop.

Follow this path towards Rushey Fields Farm past Turvey House Farm on your left and Rushall Field Farm on your right then turn left onto a restricted right of way and almost immediately right onto another footpath. This footpath leads to a section of The Leicestershire Round where you turn left and follow the Round until you reach a bridleway that takes you past Woodhouse and northeast to, and past, the Great Central Railway to the outskirts of Quorn.

Follow Chaveney Road for a short while and then head south along Mill Farm Road through Mill Farm itself until you reach the railway once again. Here you walk parallel to the railway line for a short distance and pop a left towards Swithland Reservoir for a quick coffee break and then double back over the bridge.

Head along this path, Rushey Lane, until it meets a small stream where you will find a well hidden footpath sign to the left. Follow this path into Swithland, turn left onto Main Street and take refreshment at The Griffin Inn.

Once suitably refreshed, take a right out of the pub and head along Main Street and take the footpath to the right just before the bend in the road. After a short distance, the path forks. Take the right fork and follow this path back into Swithland Woods, crossing Leicester Lane on the way. After a bit more igam-ogam head north along the footpath and back into the car park.

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