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Sunday, 9th February, 2020

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Map and Elevation

Map of Tur Langton walk

The Walk

Walk Leader: Dave Harvey

This walk is about 8 miles long.

Park at, or near, The Crown and head downhill away from the church. Just after the big white house on the right look out for the pathway on the right. The sign for the footpath is easily missed as it is on the wall behind you when you get to the pathway. It looks like a driveway but it does, eventually, lead to a footpath heading north across some fields.

Follow this footpath until it reaches Mere Road. You turn right here and head down toward the main road (B6047). Immediately before the B6047 is a road leading off to the left. This road takes you past an interesting little church and into the small village of Shangton. Turn left when you reach the junction and keep your eye out for a footpath sign on your right just before the house with a double garage on the left.

This footpath is fairly well signposted but there are a couple of awkward stiles to negotiate. The going may be a bit hard after wet weather but don’t let that put you off. At the end of the path you come to the Roman Road. The going now becomes very easy as you turn left onto the Roman Road and follow it past Carlton Curlieu Manor House and all the way along until it meets Burton Overy Lane. Here you leave the Roman (Gartree) Road and turn left onto Burton Overy Lane and enjoy the views as you follow the lane southwest for just over half a mile.

Just before the second cattle-grid, you have the choice of staying on the road and turning left to Carlton Curlieu or, if conditions allow, continuing over the cattle-grid and along to Chestnut Farm. At the farm take the footpath across the fields until you climb up and meet the road just before entering Carlton Curlieu. Unfortunately, unless you want to sit on the grass, there is nowhere to rest at the church. There is, however, a bench a bit further on at the road junction that would more than suffice as a coffee stop.

Whatever you decide, take the road to the right at the junction and head past Carlton Curtlieu Hall. Keep to the tarmac as the road out of Carlton Curlieu meets Kibworth Road. This road is a little busier but you won’t be on it for long. Turn left onto Kibworth Road and then very shortly right onto Mere Road. If you are following the map, of course you are, there are two cattle-grids marked on the map. They no longer exist but you can see where they used to be. Just after the second one there is a footpath to the right that leads across a field and heads toward Kibworth Road. Keep to the edge of the field as it may be easier than going across it, especially if it has been raining and the field freshly ploughed!

By keeping to the edge of the field it is easier to pick up the point where the path forks off to the left. Take this fork and follow the path to the farmyard where it joins the path you used at the beginning of the walk. Turn right after the gate and head down to the road, turn left and grab a pint or two at the welcoming Crown before heading off home!

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Tur Langton

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